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 Grant Writing Certificate Courses:    

 Introduction to Grant Writing

Want to make extra money or get a position at a business or educational institution as a Grant Writer? This is the first of four courses to teach you how to be a successful grant writer.  This course teaches the grant writing skills, vocabulary and development needed to understanding the grant writing process.

Grant Selection and Budget Process

The second course gives instruction in grant writing skills.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Grant Writing. This course will build on the material learned in Introduction to Grant Writing and teach students how to select the right grants for the various entities.  In addition, it will focus on the various types of budget writing methods.   

Grant Writing Research

This is the third course in grant writing.  Prerequisites:  Introduction to Grant Writing, and Grant Selection and Budget Process.  This course will build on the material learned in Selection of Grants and also teach the correct manner to do research when writing a grant.   

Grant Writing Project

This is the capstone of the grant writing courses. Prerequisites: Introduction to Grant Writing, Grant Selection and Budget Process and Grant Writing Research.  This course is the final project of the grant writing courses and will actually guide the student to find and write a grant for a local entity.

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